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Sequoia/Kings Canyon Camping Weekend

They say better late than never… 🙂 So here is my post from a weekend of camping in the Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park and Forest in September of this year (2011). It was a last minute idea to go camping during the Labor Day long (3 day) weekend. Initially we thought that because this National Park doesn’t allow the public to reserve campsites ahead of time, (well at least not 70% of the total campsites) we thought that reaching before noon on that Saturday would be good enough, but we were wrong… Most people had come in on Friday and secured the good camp sites. As a result, we had to camp in an area without amenities. That meant that there were no restrooms near by, no street lights, etc.. I shall write more in detail about this camping trip on my other blog. Here are some pictures for you all to enjoy and hopefully they are good enough to motivate you to make a trip there 🙂

I love taking pictures, so out of about a 100 pictures, I am sharing 30 odd pictures with all of you. Pictures form beautiful memories.

On our way to Kings Canyon from the Bay Area

Sign on the freeway

At a gas station near Three Rivers, CA

Artsy Not-fartsy ;-))


Entering Sequoia


Visitor Center at the Sequoia National Park

The view from our very private campsite

Beautiful firey sky right around sunset as we prepared dinner

My tent

Giant Sequoias

More giant Sequoias


A fallen Sequoia

Adolescent bear in the meadow


At the lodgepool market

Me doing yoga early early in the morning

Road connecting Sequoia and Kings Canyon





First sighting of a black bear in Kings Canyon


Mist Trail



Another bear we spotted on our "Misty Falls" hike in Kings Canyon




A beautiful meadow we passed by on our exit from Kings Canyon

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

Holi - Festival of Colors (Celebrated by Indians to mark the victory of good over evil)


Adding some color to life 😉



Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

A few years ago I made my first trip to the Modern Art Museum in San Francisco. Here’s a couple of pictures of the old school printing device 😉  aka the type writer.

Old school type writer with overflowing paper


Close-up of an old school type writer at SF MOMA


Hike In The Pinnacles (San Francisco Bay Area)

I recently spent a beautiful summer day hiking in the Pinnacles. You can read all about it here

Here are photos of the beautiful wildflowers, butterflies and lovely red rocks with condors flying high around the peaks.


En Route to the Pinnacles National Monument

Wildflowers - Poppies


Landscape - The Pinnacles


Wildflowers - Elegant Clarkia (at the Pinnacles)

Sun between the rocks at the Pinnacles

The Rocks at the Pinnacles

The Rocks at the Pinnacles

Wildflowers - Bush Poppies at the Pinnacles

Me - on the Condor Gulch/High Peaks Loop

Squirrel (Their natural fur color blends in so well with the surrounding rocks - to protect themselves from the birds of prey)

"Cherry On Top" of the beautiful red rock

Wildflowers at the Pinnacles

Wildflowers - Bush Poppy

Managed to capture a condor just in time to click and close the shutter 🙂 Bird photographer must have tons of patience

Another shot of the condor at the Pinnacles

Wildflower - Dandilion at the Pinnacles

Balconies Cave Loop at the Pinnacles

Balconies Cave Loop at the Pinnacles

Wild green mossy growth in the caves

Funny looking prickly pear kinda wild plant at the Pinnacles

Pinnacles landscape

Me - At the end of a fun filled day hiking in the Pinnacles

Fun with colors

Another post completely written and published from my iPhone4 using the WP app!

I was playing around with a color app on my phone a few days.

The results prompted me to write this post.

A lot of point and shoots these days let the user play around with dofferent filters. If you’re like me and don’t own a P&S, worry not, most photo editing apps allow you to play with the image and adjust the colors.

In my next post I shall review the app I used to process these images. Take a look at my before and after to see how you can transform ordinary or good images into spectacular ones!




After -The image here looks more dramatic with focus on the bee


Before - the image is nice but there is too much color and I want the focus to be on the graffiti


After - I made myself B&W to add emphasis on the wall behind. And then I made the image vibrant

Yay! Spring Time And Warm Temperatures

Some pictures I took last week

Japanese Maple Tree

Japanese Maple Tree

Canada Goose

Spring Blossoms

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